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Thursday 13 December 2012

Elios 0.2 has been released

We have finally released a new version of Elios, the Entertainment LIghting Open source Software. Two years have passed since the first release, which has been downloaded more than a thousand times. We never expected so many downloads, this is really cool !

During these two years, we have been sporadically working on Elios. Here are the new features that we have implemented:

  • Cues management: save and restore your DMX array states ;
  • Input and output DMX array view: see what has been sent and received ;
  • Full-screen mode: stay focused on your lights ;
  • Automatic search for updates: get a notification when a new version of Elios is available.

We have also made a few changes on the existing tabs to make the application easier to use.

Because Elios is a Java application based on the Artnet protocol, Elios is still available on any platform supporting Java (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ...).

Can't wait for downloading and testing those new features ? We provide both a Windows installer and universal installer. Note that downloads are now shared via DropBox because of the recent deprecation of the Download Tab of GitHub.

Full information can be found on the Elios Github project including issues addressed by this version (Elios 0.2) and the features we plan to implement in Elios 0.3.

Feel free to provide your feedback about what you have found useful or not in this version and what you want to see in the next one as well.

elios_remote_0.2.png elios_cues_0.2.png elios_dmx_0.2.png elios_prefs_0.2.png elios_logs_0.2.png elios_about_0.2.png

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Elios has been downloaded more than 400 times

We are proud to see that Elios, the Entertainment LIghting Open source Software has been downloaded more that 400 times. That's a great reward to our work on Elios.

Even if we have not release a new version since a while, we are still working on Elios... so wait and see ;-)

Thursday 6 January 2011

Use Case #1 : ELIOS wirelessly controlling an ArtNet Node

In this series of posts, we will present you some Use Cases of ELIOS software.

The first an simplest Use Case of ELIOS is to wirelessly control an ArtNet node using a tablet PC and a WiFi router (or access point).

Elios controlling an ArtNet node

What do you need :

  • a tablet PC running Windows or Linux with Java and ELIOS installed (We use SmartQ7 because it's really cheap, but if you prefer something more user friendly and with Windows, have a look at EviGroup Paddle.) ;
  • a Wifi router or access point (We use TRENDnet TEW-654TR because it is really small and easy to carry.) ;
  • an ArtNet node (We use Enttec ODE because it's the cheaper and the most commonly used.).

How does it work :

  • The tablet (or computer) is connected to the router by Wifi.
  • The router is connected to the ArtNet node using a simple Ethernet cable.
  • ELIOS directly sends ArtNet to the node via Wifi and Ethernet.
  • The node emits DMX to control lighting equipments.

Advantages of this solution :

  • You have a minimal set of devices. It's really easy to set up the system each time you arrive in a new place.

Configuration points :

  • configure your router with a Wifi network giving IP in 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x with a subnet mask of (needed by Artnet Protocol Specification) ;
  • configure your node to have an IP in the same network than router (2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x), to listen on the first universe and subnet and to output DMX ;
  • configure the tablet to join the Wifi network of your router ;
  • configure ELIOS to broadcast ArtNet on the same network (2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x) and to send ArtNet on the first universe and subnet.

It's the setup we use when we work because it is very simple to install and really helpful. In our own case, our lighting board has a DMX input so we can plug node output directly into it and have the two systems working at the same time.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

First Release of ELIOS is out !!!

We are proud to present you the first release of ELIOS !!!

Here are the main capabilities :

  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible ;
  • integrated web server for remote use from a Smartphone ;
  • use of ArtNet protocol (DMX command via ArtNet to DMX boxes) ;
  • powerful command line syntax to set each channel to different values ;
  • additive mode keep last state in mind ;
  • set of broadcast address, subnet and DMX universe ;
  • user interface in english and french.

To download windows or cross-platform installer, please go to http://repo.eliosoft.net/downloads

Now, let's see some screenshots :

Elios-01-RemoteTab.png Elios-02-PrefsTab.png Elios-03-LogsTab.png Elios-04-AboutTab.png

Wednesday 1 September 2010

ELIOS - Entertainment LIghting Open source Software

Entertainment LIghting Open source Software a.k.a ELIOS is a Java application that provides remote management capabilities to your lighting system based on Art-Net.

This project is released under GPL v3, the source code can be download on our git repository : Our source code repository http://repo.eliosoft.net

We also provide public access to our continuous integration system at Our continuous integration server http://integration.eliosoft.net.